On the train

Hello – this blog is brought to you in association with East Coast’s 0900 to Glasgow Central (Coach F, Seat 62). It’s a quiet train but nearly every pissing seat is reserved so it looks set to get full. We’re established in our seats though, all the way to Newcastle, so here comes a random […]

Recent Findings

Lets talk about random shit.


Off the Grid

As Sam supports Yeovil Town, I see a lot of Yeovil Town games


350 miles

In my website/blog’s “heyday”, I used to simply write reports of what I had been up to. I wish I had never stopped as they are great for remembering things myself – looking through old articles as I reinstate them to this website brings back loads of memories – but there is going to be […]

Recent Findings

This bit of this post has been deleted.

Had another day of feeling (well, in the back of mind mind anyway) a bit regarding the death at the Winter Olympics on Saturday. Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed when he was introduced to a supporting pole at over 100 km h-1 – we came across […]

Cumbrian Cock-up

Sam and I were looking forward to our first Yeovil game since Gillingham away in wet wet November.


First blog in ages

Welcome everyone, to this rare treat – me blogging. I’ve been so busy recently I’ve had to hand over the tc.scriv.me.uk site to a few others to move forward. Very grateful for their hard work too, already looking good…


Over land and sea

SO far this season I have managed to see 100% of Yeovil’s league fixtures. Played 2, won 1, drawn 0, lost 1, goals for 3, against 2, goal difference +1, points 3.



Funny things: save a massive £0 at the YTFC online shop!

Amazing savings :)

Not that I’m looking round that store because I’m being converted to a Yeovil fan or anything.