Saw Doctors Gig :: 18/12/2010


The Saw Doctors have been in existence since the late 80s – but I have only been going to gigs of theirs since 2002, when I made it all the way from Durham to Shepherds Bush Empire


Oops… I did it again!

Unfortunately, since turning 26 (and for a few weeks before hand), I have shown premature signs of aging and become somewhat forgetful when it comes to personal belongings, especially in the realm of personal belongings on public transport.


You name it, we might play it!

Wetherspoons ad in Croydon

This ad pops up every Friday as the Lloyds/Wetherspoons nearest work advertises its “Most Wanted” night – where you name it and they MIGHT play it!

The ad has always struck me as odd – surely any music night could fill that description, if you happen to name what is […]

One to go


Today I was asked a question by a random tourist again, but as it was “may we sit here” I don’t think it counts for “ask matt”…



Well, it’s wet outside. The summer-like picture I brought to you on Friday would be a very grey, misty, wet one if I took it today – only I can’t bring myself to open the blind and do it. Was bad enough that I had to go into Croydon this lunchtime and walk through it […]