Snow Trains

We all know leaves affect trains, and snow does too as I found yesterday


Oops… I did it again!

Unfortunately, since turning 26 (and for a few weeks before hand), I have shown premature signs of aging and become somewhat forgetful when it comes to personal belongings, especially in the realm of personal belongings on public transport.



I feel it’s time for a blog post to be totally random, where my mind takes me, so behold, here it comes…


Yesterday I visited the madlands that is Milton Keynes for a fairly muppety reason


23 hours ’til the next train?

A lot of things I post under the suitably vague “oddities” category will be like this – public transport related – I rocked up to Clapham Junction yesterday to find that the next train on my platform was advertised as being the 0508, which was on time – this can presumably only mean it is […]