The 03/05 Edition

A time constrained (I have work soon) stream-of-conciousness type post. Away we go!


Roundabouting London

If I were to identify one feature of roads in London that is different to anywhere else in the world, it would be the humble roundabout. I learned to drive up north


Truely random

Over the past few months I have gone through my whole computer and sorted out files and folders that were all over the place as a result of years of neglect. The process is ongoing, but I have so far got a folder of images called “random” that has 1021 files in it. So for […]

Oops… I did it again!

Unfortunately, since turning 26 (and for a few weeks before hand), I have shown premature signs of aging and become somewhat forgetful when it comes to personal belongings, especially in the realm of personal belongings on public transport.


Googolian Mappery

Happy Friday everyone! 😀

Thought I’d pop on and share my Google Maps discoveries – it now does alternative routes – the classic test for this, for me, is Skipton (former home town) to the M1 (here named “Barnsley”). I always drive the classic route – A65/A660 via Ilkey and Otley, with a Simon Rutter […]

My Mental Dream

On my home computer somewhere I have a document called “My crazy bedknobs and broomsticks dream”, or words to that effect, authored by Dan when we were still at college. It’s a good read, and I will be sure to read it again soon, now I have reminded myself. I digress though, my dream isn’t […]