Roundabouting London

If I were to identify one feature of roads in London that is different to anywhere else in the world, it would be the humble roundabout. I learned to drive up north


Ask Matt

Ask Matt, as a feature, seems to have died. I have been asked many more questions since I last reported it, and yesterday alone whilst waiting for a train I answered four in two minutes.

All train related too. One was funny – “When’s the next train to Shepherds Bush?” – answer dutifully given, the […]

Ask Matt VII

Whilst waiting on a London Overground at Clapham Junction which wasn’t going anywhere due to a points failure at Shepherd’s Bush, Sam was asked by a random guy what platform it was for London Victoria. Sam wasn’t sure so asked me…

12 & 14 I answered. I was correct, so I am now up to […]