The 03/05 Edition

A time constrained (I have work soon) stream-of-conciousness type post. Away we go!


Roundabouting London

If I were to identify one feature of roads in London that is different to anywhere else in the world, it would be the humble roundabout. I learned to drive up north


Saw Doctors Gig :: 18/12/2010


The Saw Doctors have been in existence since the late 80s – but I have only been going to gigs of theirs since 2002, when I made it all the way from Durham to Shepherds Bush Empire


Off the Grid

As Sam supports Yeovil Town, I see a lot of Yeovil Town games


Bare. And Naked.

If you were to say to me “Barenaked Ladies” this time last month, I’d have firstly wondered if a link to your favourite certain-type-of-website was forthcoming, before then proceeding to remember “One Week”, the song by the Barenaked Ladies from one of the American Pie films around ten years ago.


350 miles

In my website/blog’s “heyday”, I used to simply write reports of what I had been up to. I wish I had never stopped as they are great for remembering things myself – looking through old articles as I reinstate them to this website brings back loads of memories – but there is going to be […]

From the outside

A few quick words from me on a subject I am massively under-qualified to talk about – I never saw Adam Stansfield play, ever talk to him, or share in the success he has repeatedly enjoyed in his all to short professional football career – but I was today moved to tears several times whilst […]

Recent Findings

This bit of this post has been deleted.

Had another day of feeling (well, in the back of mind mind anyway) a bit regarding the death at the Winter Olympics on Saturday. Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed when he was introduced to a supporting pole at over 100 km h-1 – we came across […]


Here are some factoroonies for you.


2009 in Scrivland

It’s fair to say 2009 was awesome, except the part


First blog in ages

Welcome everyone, to this rare treat – me blogging. I’ve been so busy recently I’ve had to hand over the site to a few others to move forward. Very grateful for their hard work too, already looking good…


Oops… I did it again!

Unfortunately, since turning 26 (and for a few weeks before hand), I have shown premature signs of aging and become somewhat forgetful when it comes to personal belongings, especially in the realm of personal belongings on public transport.


Dumb & Dumber

Dumb and Dumber is now 15 years old and still my favourite film. Is this sad or good?

Sam just gave me cause to go running off and find my copy of the soundtrack CD – didn’t take long, I had it pretty much to hand (such is my dedication)!

I will have to watch […]

Ask Matt VII

Whilst waiting on a London Overground at Clapham Junction which wasn’t going anywhere due to a points failure at Shepherd’s Bush, Sam was asked by a random guy what platform it was for London Victoria. Sam wasn’t sure so asked me…

12 & 14 I answered. I was correct, so I am now up to […]

Ask Matt VI

Back to public transport geekery:

Q: Does this train go to Princes Risborough?

We were on a train to Princes Risborough. I answered yes Well, me and Sam both did. 4½ out of 6 😀


Yesterday was


My Holiday – Geek style

Very recently I had the immense pleasure of going on holiday with Sam, her Dad and partner, and her uncle. This was all in celebration of Sam’s Dad’s birthday – happy birthday!

Anyway, being a geek and all, my GPS logger came with me and I turned it on fo the transporty bits – so […]


Sporting-wise, this is an action packed weekend – yesterday was the League 2 play-off final. Knowing a few Gills fans as I do, this match took on reasonable significance for me, and I am happy to report that with extra-time looming, Gillingham snatched a late winner from a corner that never was to defeat Shrewbury […]

Better find another way then…

Today I couldn’t be arsed to get up. So I stretched it forever and ever.


One to go


Today I was asked a question by a random tourist again, but as it was “may we sit here” I don’t think it counts for “ask matt”…


My Mental Dream

On my home computer somewhere I have a document called “My crazy bedknobs and broomsticks dream”, or words to that effect, authored by Dan when we were still at college. It’s a good read, and I will be sure to read it again soon, now I have reminded myself. I digress though, my dream isn’t […]

Still a bit damp

It’s literally just started raining here in Croydon, as I look out of the window into murky grey shittery. It had threatened to remain nice all day though, for which “the weather” must be commended. Despite all forecasts, it held out for longer than anyone expected before actually emptying it’s big cloudy clouds all over […]

Saturday plans

Today is AWESOME.



Hello all, from a very sunny south-east London: