Facebook Ramblings

I can’t quite decide if Facebook is spawn of the devil or fantastic keep-in-touch tool that has kept many an otherwise doomed-to-lose-touch friendship bubbling along.

I previously left Facebook for about 6 months when disillusioned with it, and now I am getting pangs to do so again. It’s a lazy tool that lets people keep […]


Many have shared their memories of events in London five years ago today. I didn’t move to London until 18 month later, but that day I left work, found out opened mouthed when meeting Ross at his house before driving down to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix, being held that weekend.

So my memory […]

Taste in Music

It’s fair to say I have my favourite bands, and am possibly a little more closed-minded when it comes to new stuff. Other bands I like come and go, but my two favourite bands – and both are still going – since school days have been Muse and The Saw Doctors.

I got into both […]