Off the Grid

As Sam supports Yeovil Town, I see a lot of Yeovil Town games


The 27/10 Edition

I have never been to the Isle of Wight.


The 13/10 Edition

Hello – woah old blog flashback.


Truely random

Over the past few months I have gone through my whole computer and sorted out files and folders that were all over the place as a result of years of neglect. The process is ongoing, but I have so far got a folder of images called “random” that has 1021 files in it. So for […]


This is what a cup of tea I made myself today ended up looking like. There’s some sort of scummy minging coating and the milk actually sank. Then some bubbles appeared…

Minging Tea

I poured it away…


Home & Away is grim. Someone is about to die

Me no likey

Lift strategy

In my building at work there are 22 floors, and two sets of lifts to move people between floors. 3 lifts do floors G & 1-11, and 3 more lifts do G, 1-2 & 12-22.

I work on floor 4 so I have two possibilities: the first group of lifts, or 4 flights of stairs. […]