Saw Doctors Gig :: 18/12/2010


The Saw Doctors have been in existence since the late 80s – but I have only been going to gigs of theirs since 2002, when I made it all the way from Durham to Shepherds Bush Empire


Ask Matt X, XI and XII

Time for some catching up I reckon! Whilst I ponder making the site green instead of orange, here are three (3!) questions that randomers have asked me recently, that I’ve not yet put on here.

Q: Does this train go to Olympia?

I was on a train at Clapham Junction that was bound for Stratford […]

Oops… I did it again!

Unfortunately, since turning 26 (and for a few weeks before hand), I have shown premature signs of aging and become somewhat forgetful when it comes to personal belongings, especially in the realm of personal belongings on public transport.