Snow Trains

We all know leaves affect trains, and snow does too as I found yesterday


Taking over the world

I have decided that LOROL should take over the world. I will possibly elaborate on this at a future date, but probably not. The first two services I would take over are St Albans-Sutton and Greenford-Paddington.


Ask Matt X, XI and XII

Time for some catching up I reckon! Whilst I ponder making the site green instead of orange, here are three (3!) questions that randomers have asked me recently, that I’ve not yet put on here.

Q: Does this train go to Olympia?

I was on a train at Clapham Junction that was bound for Stratford […]

Ask Matt VII

Whilst waiting on a London Overground at Clapham Junction which wasn’t going anywhere due to a points failure at Shepherd’s Bush, Sam was asked by a random guy what platform it was for London Victoria. Sam wasn’t sure so asked me…

12 & 14 I answered. I was correct, so I am now up to […]

Better find another way then…

Today I couldn’t be arsed to get up. So I stretched it forever and ever.