Roundabouting London

If I were to identify one feature of roads in London that is different to anywhere else in the world, it would be the humble roundabout. I learned to drive up north


Bare. And Naked.

If you were to say to me “Barenaked Ladies” this time last month, I’d have firstly wondered if a link to your favourite certain-type-of-website was forthcoming, before then proceeding to remember “One Week”, the song by the Barenaked Ladies from one of the American Pie films around ten years ago.


Going the long way

The fastest route from Croydon to station on the Chiltern Main Line is to go to London Victoria on a fast train, then take the tube to Oxford Circus, then another tube from there to London Marylebone, and finally a final fast train from there to your destination. Four trains, and that might seem like […]