On the train

Hello – this blog is brought to you in association with East Coast’s 0900 to Glasgow Central (Coach F, Seat 62). It’s a quiet train but nearly every pissing seat is reserved so it looks set to get full. We’re established in our seats though, all the way to Newcastle, so here comes a random […]

Random Collections

I was and still am a great fan of those comedy writers who do things mildly termed as a stupid boy project – for example collecting people who are also called Dave Gorman, trekking around Ireland with a Fridge, or visiting random odd place names to make a calendar whilst also training a dog. A […]



Germany’s number 1 goalkeeper Robert Enke committed suicide on Tuesday by walking in front of a train – the (depression fuelled) composure to do something like that is something I hope to never be able to contemplate – and as a death story always does (despite never having heard of him).

This article on […]

First blog in ages

Welcome everyone, to this rare treat – me blogging. I’ve been so busy recently I’ve had to hand over the tc.scriv.me.uk site to a few others to move forward. Very grateful for their hard work too, already looking good…