Off the Grid

As Sam supports Yeovil Town, I see a lot of Yeovil Town games


Ask Matt X, XI and XII

Time for some catching up I reckon! Whilst I ponder making the site green instead of orange, here are three (3!) questions that randomers have asked me recently, that I’ve not yet put on here.

Q: Does this train go to Olympia?

I was on a train at Clapham Junction that was bound for Stratford […]

Ask Matt IX

I was stopped by a lost member of the public on the corner of Park Street and Croydon High Street, an asked the way to East Croydon station.

I replied by pointing the the former NLA Tower and recommending she keep heading towards that until she is stood underneath it – because that is where […]

Ask Matt VIII

Q: (paraphrased) How do I get to the Brit School?

Walking down Park Street in Croydon, I was approached and asked if I knew the way. I advised him to walk to East Croydon and take a train to Selhurst, from which I knew it was a short walk as I’d seen the signposts when […]

You name it, we might play it!

Wetherspoons ad in Croydon

This ad pops up every Friday as the Lloyds/Wetherspoons nearest work advertises its “Most Wanted” night – where you name it and they MIGHT play it!

The ad has always struck me as odd – surely any music night could fill that description, if you happen to name what is […]


Yesterday was


Still a bit damp

It’s literally just started raining here in Croydon, as I look out of the window into murky grey shittery. It had threatened to remain nice all day though, for which “the weather” must be commended. Despite all forecasts, it held out for longer than anyone expected before actually emptying it’s big cloudy clouds all over […]


Hello all, from a very sunny south-east London: