Off the Grid

As Sam supports Yeovil Town, I see a lot of Yeovil Town games


Ask Matt X, XI and XII

Time for some catching up I reckon! Whilst I ponder making the site green instead of orange, here are three (3!) questions that randomers have asked me recently, that I’ve not yet put on here.

Q: Does this train go to Olympia?

I was on a train at Clapham Junction that was bound for Stratford […]

Ask Matt VII

Whilst waiting on a London Overground at Clapham Junction which wasn’t going anywhere due to a points failure at Shepherd’s Bush, Sam was asked by a random guy what platform it was for London Victoria. Sam wasn’t sure so asked me…

12 & 14 I answered. I was correct, so I am now up to […]

Going the long way

The fastest route from Croydon to station on the Chiltern Main Line is to go to London Victoria on a fast train, then take the tube to Oxford Circus, then another tube from there to London Marylebone, and finally a final fast train from there to your destination. Four trains, and that might seem like […]


Woah. Not been here in a while. So let’s catch up. Odd-things-seen-mostly-on-the-railway-watch:

This was taken at Clapham Junction. Clearly the computer there is easily confuzzled…

Walcome to, er… Clandon

Luckily, trains were running to Croydon so I was OK

Look at this door:

No exit. No really, you can't exit…

You’d be […]

23 hours ’til the next train?

A lot of things I post under the suitably vague “oddities” category will be like this – public transport related – I rocked up to Clapham Junction yesterday to find that the next train on my platform was advertised as being the 0508, which was on time – this can presumably only mean it is […]