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This is my analysis of the prospects of my club for the immediate future – there is obviously a lot to consider, but based on the treatment of fans, policy of recruitment and turnover of playing staff, team and media management, and the worrying stories coming out the the club about the state of the […]

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350 miles

In my website/blog’s “heyday”, I used to simply write reports of what I had been up to. I wish I had never stopped as they are great for remembering things myself – looking through old articles as I reinstate them to this website brings back loads of memories – but there is going to be […]

Recent Findings

This bit of this post has been deleted.

Had another day of feeling (well, in the back of mind mind anyway) a bit regarding the death at the Winter Olympics on Saturday. Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed when he was introduced to a supporting pole at over 100 km h-1 – we came across […]


Sporting-wise, this is an action packed weekend – yesterday was the League 2 play-off final. Knowing a few Gills fans as I do, this match took on reasonable significance for me, and I am happy to report that with extra-time looming, Gillingham snatched a late winner from a corner that never was to defeat Shrewbury […]

One to go


Today I was asked a question by a random tourist again, but as it was “may we sit here” I don’t think it counts for “ask matt”…



Just a quickie before I head off for a few days over Bank Holiday weekend – a quick words of thanks and admiration to Tugay, who is leaving Blackburn Rovers at the end of the season – i.e. very soon indeed.

He joined us from Rangers for a snitch at only £1.3M, 8 years ago. […]

Saturday plans

Today is AWESOME.