Frustrations of a working F1 fan

God bless the work internet filters. F1 timing – blocked. Presumably this is due to it connecting via a random port. Before I established this, I couldn’t even remember my password for it, so had it sent to my email – which is blocked from work. So I tried registering with an email address I could get to from work – or that I thought I could. Recently blocked. So then I accessed my original registration via my mobile phone – logged in and found it blocked as above. Nice.

F1 coverage on BBC online – available, but the text commentary page insists on showing the video, which I’m sure sitting and watching would get me in trouble for, on internet policy and manager seeing I’m not working either policy. Even when I stop the stream, it seems to restart itself. Nice.

I’ve gone for autosport live text commentary and Five Live Sports Extra streaming audio. My manager frequently cracks out online radio, so I’m going to risk it for 2x 90 minutes today. Live timing I will have to forego :(

Five Live commentary is seriously good, I’ve just been reminded. If you can get to it today, have a listen…

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