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I can’t quite decide if Facebook is spawn of the devil or fantastic keep-in-touch tool that has kept many an otherwise doomed-to-lose-touch friendship bubbling along.

I previously left Facebook for about 6 months when disillusioned with it, and now I am getting pangs to do so again. It’s a lazy tool that lets people keep in touch with me by stealth. I don’t communicate with Facebook friends, I pass comment on their life, or if I can’t even be bothered to do that, I show a simple mark of approval. If I want to talk to someone I still reach for my email – excepting those people who generally don’t respond to email, or for which I don’t have an email address. So there is an argument straight away – it has enabled communication with someone who I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to contact.

No it hasn’t, it’s enabled communication with someone I have been too lazy to ascertain correct contact details for because of Facebook.

I recently lost touch with a friend who wasn’t on Facebook – maybe had he been on Facebook we’d have kept in touch, and that is the future for me if I get rid of it. No, hang on – we got back in touch by phone and had a happy beer fuelled reunion, in which it turned out that he’d had so much going on with work that he’d largely neglected everything else. Facebook would have been everything else and would not have helped.

Regular reader Ross is not even on Facebook and we text and email regularly. In fact arguably more than we ever did when he was briefly on Facebook. In fact arguably more than we did ever. There is no pro-Facebook counter argument at all for this point! It’s never been needed and would no nothing to enhance things.

It’s its creepy laziness that I think I want to get away from.  But there’s something about it that I don’t want to lose. I am aware that I will stay in touch with my closest friends whatever – but I’d lose a lot of social interaction around activities and events I partake in and enjoy if I wasn’t on Facebook. It’s more the funny links posted and events of the TCDL that I enjoy on there. If I didn’t have Facebook, I think I’d fall out of a lot of loops rather quickly.

So maybe I should resolve to make it something I use for what I want it for, and tidy up my profile to counter privacy concerns. And then of course, anyone who seems to be “Facebook-only” can still get in touch. But I am also going to go throught my contacts on my email and make sure I have an email address for everyone.

Sorted. I’ll stick around. For now.

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