Not Silverstone

So it’s Silverstone this weekend – and I am not there: but considering future Grand Prix attendances. I have long harboured ambitions to go abroad for a Grand Prix, and it has been discussed many times.



Many have shared their memories of events in London five years ago today. I didn’t move to London until 18 month later, but that day I left work, found out opened mouthed when meeting Ross at his house before driving down to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix, being held that weekend.

So my memory […]

More BBC brown-nosing – the Hungarian Grand Prix 1997. Poor Damon

I remember watching this race live with my dad – a Hill antifan to me the Hill fan. Dad had been loving 1997 as Hill – the then World Champion – had been having a terrible year. BUT he found himself leading, and dominating, the […]

Plug Plug

Well not so much plug as recommend. I’ve raved about the BBC F1 coverage before. I recommend Jake Humphrey’s latest blog post for a very good, entertaining and interesting behind the scenes view at how the show is put together…


Sporting-wise, this is an action packed weekend – yesterday was the League 2 play-off final. Knowing a few Gills fans as I do, this match took on reasonable significance for me, and I am happy to report that with extra-time looming, Gillingham snatched a late winner from a corner that never was to defeat Shrewbury […]

Three race ban, supended for 12 months

McLaren were given a suspended 3 race ban today, for lying a little bit. Well, a lot.

If you don’t know the story, and want a Scriv’s basic no F1 knowledge required explanation, here goes: the safety car was out meaning overtaking was forbidden, but a McLaren overtook a Toyota; it then let the Toyota […]

Saturday plans

Today is AWESOME.


Frustrations of a working F1 fan

God bless the work internet filters. F1 timing – blocked. Presumably this is due to it connecting via a random port. Before I established this, I couldn’t even remember my password for it, so had it sent to my email – which is blocked from work. So I tried registering with an email address I […]

Gazza watch

So apparently Mike Gascoyne is trying to get a job with Ferrari. Well good luck to the guy, he’s clearly a legend. Shame for any hopes I and the whole UK ever had of him somehow getting EJ‘s gig, which was never likely anway if we’re honest


I can still hear you saying… must never break the chain

The BBC got the F1 coverage back, and we are now three races in. I, for one, hated ITV‘s adverts, and thought James Allen and Mark Blundell were intensely irritating – but still acknowledged ITV did a good job, better than the BBC did before them certainly. I […]

Ey ‘up

Well you knew it’d come back – this is the blog formerly known as “Outer Space” – and now just my blog I want to blog more often than I did before, in a diary type way. A window on my world, where I rant about things – positively more than negatively I hope, for […]