New blog!

I have siphoned off my running stuff onto a brand new blog. It’s at:

The thing I am most proud of is my domain hack. It’s quality.

This blog will stay for rare occasions I want to blog non-runningly, or if I ever apparently want to reminisce about times when I used to live […]

Blackburn Rovers :: Analysis

This is my analysis of the prospects of my club for the immediate future – there is obviously a lot to consider, but based on the treatment of fans, policy of recruitment and turnover of playing staff, team and media management, and the worrying stories coming out the the club about the state of the […]

Blog zzzzzz

Yeah I’ve neglected this place somewhat. I’ve become increasingly bogged down in a personal online identity crisis and wary of putting as much out there as I do, on here, in an uncontrolled, googleable environment. I resolved that the blog served no purpose – a blog needs a purpose. As my friend Ross put it, […]


The blog has, for no apparent reason, decided to not display spaces after punctuation. They are still there in the database – but they just aren’t displayed. It looks odd. I don’t like it.

I’m going to sit on this for a few days and hope it fixes itself

On the train

Hello – this blog is brought to you in association with East Coast’s 0900 to Glasgow Central (Coach F, Seat 62). It’s a quiet train but nearly every pissing seat is reserved so it looks set to get full. We’re established in our seats though, all the way to Newcastle, so here comes a random […]

The 03/05 Edition

A time constrained (I have work soon) stream-of-conciousness type post. Away we go!


More Latest Obsessions

As I have mentioned previously, I have been wary of social networks and the role they play – not so much privacy concerns per se, but the worry it will kill stimulating communication and meaniful contact. Anywho, I have concluded that I quite like having it but I can be more comfortable if I set […]

Facebook Ramblings

I can’t quite decide if Facebook is spawn of the devil or fantastic keep-in-touch tool that has kept many an otherwise doomed-to-lose-touch friendship bubbling along.

I previously left Facebook for about 6 months when disillusioned with it, and now I am getting pangs to do so again. It’s a lazy tool that lets people keep […]

Scriven Street



Hello and welcome to another random blog post. Last time I used a phrase, “lets take a ride on my train of thought” – and that will very much dictate whether or not this post has anything in it or not! All aboard!


Roundabouting London

If I were to identify one feature of roads in London that is different to anywhere else in the world, it would be the humble roundabout. I learned to drive up north


Random Collections

I was and still am a great fan of those comedy writers who do things mildly termed as a stupid boy project – for example collecting people who are also called Dave Gorman, trekking around Ireland with a Fridge, or visiting random odd place names to make a calendar whilst also training a dog. A […]

Recent Findings

Lets talk about random shit.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone

Saw Doctors Gig :: 18/12/2010


The Saw Doctors have been in existence since the late 80s – but I have only been going to gigs of theirs since 2002, when I made it all the way from Durham to Shepherds Bush Empire


Video Experimentallism

I currently have 317 public videos on YouTube.


Ah hello again

The website is back – new host, no viruses, and just as crap as ever.

To celebrate this, I have toned down the orangeness of the site and made a couple of other subtle changes that no doubt won’t be noticed. Normal service will now be resumed.

P.S. The Advent Calendar Challenge has moved to […]

Snow Trains

We all know leaves affect trains, and snow does too as I found yesterday


Off the Grid

As Sam supports Yeovil Town, I see a lot of Yeovil Town games


The 27/10 Edition

I have never been to the Isle of Wight.


The 20/10 Edition

I am



It’s getting to the business end of my training


The 13/10 Edition

Hello – woah old blog flashback.


Bare. And Naked.

If you were to say to me “Barenaked Ladies” this time last month, I’d have firstly wondered if a link to your favourite certain-type-of-website was forthcoming, before then proceeding to remember “One Week”, the song by the Barenaked Ladies from one of the American Pie films around ten years ago.


Truely random

Over the past few months I have gone through my whole computer and sorted out files and folders that were all over the place as a result of years of neglect. The process is ongoing, but I have so far got a folder of images called “random” that has 1021 files in it. So for […]